Rumors: Canon will launch medium format camera.

August 19, 2013 – 00:00

According to the website Peta Pixel,a giant photograph should invest in a medium format camera in 2014.


Rumors in the photography world are strong: Canon should release a medium format camera (MF) in 2014.

Who gave the news was the site Peta Pixel and they believe that the medium format camera from Canon will be released in September next year at the fair of photography Photokina in Germany.

The medium format cameras are best known in movies. The market leaders are the trademarks and Mamiya Roleflex.They led,for the most part,films known as 6x6 (6cm by 6cm).

This type of machine has been widely used by professional events (such as weddings and birthdays) for producing an image with better quality in the expansion.

The sensor captures the new Canon MF should be square (such as film) and CMOS technology.Apparently,the machine will come with many technological advantages over existing MF's digital market.

Another thing is that the brand is expected to launch dedicated some lenses,but also get adapters to use lenses existing in DSLR's.


Canon Canon KP-108IN Color Ink Paper Set 3115B001
Office Product (Canon)
  • Postcard Size and Canon Watermark Reverse Side
  • Ink and Paper are compatible with previous models (Selphy CP Series Only)
  • The prints are postcard size and has Canon watermark in reverse side
  • Ink and paper are compatible with previous models (Selphy CP series only)
  • It features dye sublimation technology
  • It contains enough ink and paper for 108, 4x 6 inch prints

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