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August 28, 2013 – 22:31


Why do you need?

Choosing a digital camera depends much on the type of user you are.If you're an amateur,you do not need to buy a digital camera full of possibilities,but you're a professional,you should not look at the pocket and try to save some money,but make the best digital camera you can find on the market.
Typically,most digital camera users are novices,but there is also an intermediate level users,who need a digital camera that can view on the screen what exactly is going to shoot (camera SLR ),although without getting into expert level.

Megapixel and quality

It is said that the more megapixels a digital camera has,the better will the photograph itself,but it is not entirely true.The least we can ask today camera is 2 megapixel,although there are higher resolution (and growing). In fact,the more megapixels,the better: Do not skimp in terms of resolution,for although it is not the same as having to have quality megapixel,does influence it.If you want a picture to be perfect in your digital camera,you need the optical quality is good.That is: It allows you to get realistic colors,perfect sharpness and brightness and,of course,there are no problems with the picture.You decide the quality you need,and here the price matters,especially considering that a mobile art can take pictures better camera level as the cheapest. width=

Camera types

There are different types of digital cameras,each aimed at a specific user type.For the novice,who just want to take pictures can bring the camera back and forth,ultracompact cameras are recommended,but you should know that with these cameras is lost much control over the image.For a slightly more advanced user,the compact digital cameras are recommended,as they allow you to control the aperture and shutter.The next step is the SLR camera,which has the advantage of being able to see the exact image the camera will,no waiting time until you exit the photo.Also allow you to have much more relation to optical and higher quality increases.You choose the quality you prefer,depending on your user level.


Think about how you want to operate the camera: Batteries or battery?A priori,yes,the battery is much cheaper,but think that if you run out of energy,you have no way to enter the digital camera running again,unlike with batteries which can be replaceable alkaline batteries Emergency normal.Finally,look good in the viewfinder of the camera,as this will let us see how will the photo.In this case,size does matter,because the larger the LCD,the better we can see how it will end the photo and its final quality.


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I'm shopping for one too

I'm in the market for one myself and have been reading up on the stuff. The sites I've found most helpful are Digital Camera HQ which has several convenient ways of sorting cameras (by megapixel, by price range, etc), gives great summaries and links to reviews from major review sites including Steve's Digicams and DPReview which have the best in-depth reviews I've seen anywhere and also to collections of consumer review sites, with summaries.
Personally, my budget is

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