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August 28, 2013 – 22:31

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Subject : Business management

Study in Dublin : International Business Language

Location and time : DIT in Dublin, SS 2006

E-mail address :

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I The preparation


It should be relatively early start to prepare for the semester abroad in Dublin. Due to past experience reports I've studied very early with the theme 'house hunting'. To avoid coming to the beginning of term to Dublin without a home, I flew to Ireland in the summer of 2005. The 4 days that I had during my vacation in Ireland-Dublin, I took it, "Housing Wanted" both at DIT Kevin Street as well as in the DIT in Aungier Street on the bulletin boards hang out. Then I got some feedback. One of them came from a fellow student from Jena, which has given me a room in a 4-WG Marino in the Student Residence. Without the room to look personally, I have taken the same (I had digital camera images). In order to have a room on arrival in Dublin sure you have up in advance a deposit of 350, - EUR and pay all rents. So I had to 2.000, - EUR prepay additionally. However, my decision paid off, because I, unlike many other g reat a good student accommodation in this way was safe. The residence is located in the north of the city, in the district of "Marino". The journey time to the city center and to the UNI is between 25-50 mins morning and evening between 15-30 minutes you depends entirely upon the chaotic traffic in Dublin, which is not predictable. It is located in a quiet idyllic residential area. Since it is very noisy in the city, I find the best hostel location, because it's much quieter.

The room has a private bathroom with shower. It costs 110, - € per week. The address is: Student Residence Marino, Marino Institute of Education, Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9 The telephone number of the manager Sara Jane is: 00353 / 18, 535, 175th It runs on any housing agency.

With the 123 bus takes you directly into the city center. The bus departs approximately every 7 min


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I'd avoid anything with XD

I'm not sure if many new cameras take XD, but I'd recommend staying away from it. The common types are CF (Compact Flash), SD (Secure Digital), or SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity). Memory is pretty cheap now, you can get a 2G or 4G card in the $20-30 range.
Make sure to check whether your camera supports SDHC before ordering a card online. I learned the hard way, none of our (relatively new) cameras worked with SDHC.

Hero re-united with drowning boys  — WA today
Our camera's captured the reunion of a 38-year-old 'hero' who saved the lives of two Perth teens who were caught in a powerful rip in Lancelin. 19/08/13 ..

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