10 Tips to Choose it and do not repent

August 28, 2013 – 22:31

"Enough, I'm tired of waiting, I buy it." Thus begins the great adventure in the world of digital SLR cameras, with a burst of pride. Often, however, even if the decision is made, the purchase is delayed and delayed again. You collect opinions on the Internet, in magazines, friends "pundits": technical data are not always understandable, personal experiences ... So it is easy to fall into confusion.

canon 500d spaccato 2

Possible that there is a method to simplify the choice?

Here's our suggestion: forget for a moment all the acquired data, brands, models, doubts, for concentrasri on two fundamental questions:

a. "What do I do with my new digital SLR?"
b. "How much can I spend on the car, objectives and accessories that I need?"

The final choice is obviously personal. Those who propose here are the answers to the most common questions that beset those who are struggling with the fateful purchase ..
At the bottom of the article is a list of digital SLRs, divided by budget, which we believe deserve special attention.

1. Budget: How much can I spend?

Who has problems can buy anything, even a reflex that may never be able to get 100%.
If money is short we have great freedom of maneuver, but do not worry, we can still buy a digital SLR can give us great satisfaction. So much to say? No, it's the truth.
We will have to give up something? Yes, not hide, but often it is theoretical waivers, they will not affect, or will affect marginally on our work as photographers.
Even the cheapest SLR will appear wonderful when compared to a compact, because pià versatile, fast, easy to grip and able to produce better pictures.

2. Resolution: How many megapixels?

We address this immediately that, for many, is the rock more challenging. A 6-megapixel sensor is more than sufficient for the needs of most amateur photographers.
Possible? It 's so: with 6 million pixels (3000 x 2000 pixels) we can print our photos in a magazine, at the highest quality (300 dots / inch) in size 20 x 25 cm. If we print at home with an inkjet printer, 6 megapixels we get to size 30 x 40 cm, without appreciable loss of quality.
That's why 6 megapixels are enough, even for professional shots, unless you want giant prints, maxi or enlargements of portions of the image (crop), always with a high quality.
A 10-12 megapixel sensor, then it is sufficient to publish the photo of a "double" (two facing pages of a magazine).
But then why do manufacturers insist on megapixels? And 'marketing to ask: the megapixels are a great way to pomuovere the new machines.
Other qualities - dynamic range, color rendition, noise reduction in images - are included dall'appassionato, difficililmente by the general public.

Source: www.dphoto.it

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Any film SLR

While some of the highest end DSLRs will do well at night, most inexpensive digital cameras, including cheaper DSLRs, will be full of grainy noise and will take night shots that look awful. The CCD sensors that are used in most digital cameras don't cope well with really long exposures.
However, even the cheapest simplest film SLR will do an excellent job of night photography. All you need is a tripod, a locking cable release, and a "B" setting. Film SLRs are being dumped all over the place for peanuts as people switch to digital. Buy a $100.00 used film SLR, plus a bunch of film and developing.

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  • Avatar Noah I am looking for a cheap digital camera. What are the best ones?
    May 31, 2013 by Noah | Posted in Cameras

    I would like to buy a cheap digital camera for less than £50, what sort of features should I be looking for? Could you recommend one in particular?

    • Don't know how much US dollars are f50. But if it's less than $100- look for a Canon point and shoot that has at least an image stabilizer feature.It may help when You shoot blurry shots. You must keep camera very steady …er helps.
      Do not buy GE, Kodak, Vivitar, Sanyo Ben Q or Lomo brand cameras.
      PS- When shooting in dim light always use flash or you will get blurry photo. Flash would probably go out 10 to 13 feet from camera.

  • Avatar Lizie Know any websites where i can buy a cheap digital camera?
    Jun 11, 2007 by Lizie | Posted in Cameras

    I'm looking to buy either a Fujifilm Finepix A610 or A700 digital camera, and was wondering if anyone knows of a website (preferably UK) where i could buy one from for a cheap price. Also, if you know of any websites where i can get cheap memory cards, that would be great! Thanks

    • In uk i dont know but,, I always shop on;

      and the mother of all
      the memory cards. go to ebay. they have the best memory cards for like 20.00 including shipping new. ive bought xd's sd's mmc's and most recently the sony pro duo for like 18.00 and it was a 1gb