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Lean News 2013-02-05 10:10:02 Reporter Cai Chengqi reports

;其中, 輕便型機種出貨量預估將年減17.6%至6, 430萬台、 單眼機種預估將成長12.4%至2, 270萬台。 According to the Japanese camera-cum-Imaging Products Association (CIPA) released the latest statistics show that, due to popularity of smartphones severe impact demand for portable digital camera, dragging today (2013) the Japanese maker of digital cameras worldwide shipments forecast to decrease by 11.3% in to 8, 700 million units, the third consecutive year of recession; wherein the portable models shipment forecast by 17.6% to the annual reduction of 64.3 million units, monocular models forecast to grow by 12.4% to 2, 270 million units. CIPA and estimate replacement lens shipments this year will grow by 12.5% ​​to 3, 420 points.

CIPA and also announced in December 2012 the Japanese manufacturers worldwide digital camera shipments greatly reduced compared with the same month last year by 35.2% to 4.857 million units, the eighth consecutive month downward, and shipments for the third consecutive nine months fell below 1, 000 million units barrier. Among them, the December date digital camera factory in domestic shipments decline 4.2% to 1.08 million units, seven months 6 degrees downward; export large shipments reduced by 40.7% to 3.777 million units, the eighth consecutive month downward . Terms of the types on the camera, December Japanese factory portable models large shipments by 46.3% to 3.422 million reduction units, monocular models increase by 27.8% to 1, 435, 000 units.

Total 2012 annual Japanese manufacturers worldwide shipments of digital cameras was reduced by 15.0% to 9, 813.9 million units, for the past six years (since 2006) for the first time fell below 100 million units mark. On the type of camera view, in 2012 the Japanese factory shipments of portable models decline by 21.9% to 7, 798.2 million units; monocular models greatly increased by 28.4% to 2, 015 million units, annual shipments for the first time exceeded 20 million mark.

Japanese digital camera brand manufacturers namely Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji Photo (Fuji Films), Panasonic, Olympus and so on.

~ ~ Should be the top three SLR Canon, Nikon, Sony, in terms of these three plants, an increase (SLR) a minus (portable models). Canon SLR camera should be able to rely on selling top-up compact camera reduction; Sony relies on smart phones make up; Nikon high degree of brand recognition, depending on whether sales surpass Canon monocular may be. While the other label is bound to be a huge impact, short-term depreciation of the yen to increase through the sales and profitability in the long run is still very difficult to restore the tide.

Product market segmentation increasingly clear that the combination of phone and camera is an inevitable trend, now, it seems, the phone replaces the compact camera. Digital SLR cameras, reducing the consumption of film, as well as user-friendly interface, are the main reason prompting selling SLR cameras. Who will benefit from it in the process?

Mobile phones, Samsung, Apple has high-end smart phone brand, low-end mobile phone by the Chinese white platoon leader. SLR cameras, almost monopolized by Japanese brands, Taiwan can only focus on the key components of the lens leader "Largan" CMOS sensor representative "Tongxin electricity."


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  • Avatar chloe Can you unlock a Japanese iPhone to work in the UK?
    Mar 18, 2013 by chloe | Posted in Mobile Phones & Plans

    I'm planning on buying an iPhone 4 second hand but it won't work in the UK! I was wondering if it could be unlocked ?

    • If you get it unlocked 1st it will work.
      if not trade it for unlocked one.