Buying Guide Christmas 2012: the photo

August 28, 2013 – 22:32

With digital, photography has never been so present in our lives. Whether via his smartphone, compact camera, the hybrid or SLR, the image is part of our daily lives. While hybrids and reflex are more comfortable in low light conditions, smartphones and compact cameras are not left with the mass adoption of so-called backlit sensors.

For those who still do not know what a back-illuminated sensor (BSI in English) is a sensor with the layer that captures light above the grid pixels , so, it is more effective in low light conditions.

With smartphones rising powers (I mean their picture quality) for two years now, the compacts are the first victims. To revive the sluggish market, manufacturers have recently introduced new compact connected. With smartphones, there was a tendency to overlook the usefulness of an optical zoom and a true optical stabilization. So these are new compact wireless (3G or later) connected to our smartphones that bring new uses.

As for hybrids and SLR, the arrival of Nikon and Canon last year this year the hybrid market has changed a bit to give the precursors as Panasonic, Olympus and Sony. After a decent start, it seems that the hybrid market does not know the boom which could be expected and would even be slowed this year-end mode. The SLR, meanwhile, are still doing as well. The arrival of the hybrid has not really sucked sales SLR. This will happen without doubt one day, but the SLR assured, both in the quality and robustness.

Attention, we remind you that it is not a picture site, you will probably find more comprehensive testing with our colleagues. This guide is a selection of what we would have bought it if we had to choose, of course, that lack of equipment and it does not mean they are not good, it's just to do with the choice.

Compact Consumer

Nikon S01
Nikon tries new things and this is the beginning of September that Nikon surprised the small world of photography with the S01, not a compact, ultra-compact, but since it only 96g, battery integrated. With its touch screen and 8GB internal memory, it offers a 10-megapixel sensor with 3x optical zoom and so will fit in any pocket.


Bert Sirkin Nikon D7000 Digital SLR CheatSheet
Book (Bert Sirkin)
  • Nikon D7

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Some thoughts ...

I am looking for a semipro digital camera and here are some of the things I am looking at:
- Lense system quality - no matter how good the sensor, if the lense isn't top rate, the picture will be imperfect. Note a zoom lense requires motion stabilization. This is the same primary criteria that film cameras have.
- A large and sensitive image sensor with good low light characteristics but broad light level range.
- a good image processor with excellent compression algorithms.
- A decent size image sensor [more than 6 MP].
- of course there are also the ergonomic factors

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Summer Summer Baby Wave Digital Audio Monitor
Baby Product (Summer)
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  • Handheld portability with rechargeable batteries with built-in belt clip for added convenience
  • Adjustable volume control, and out of range and low battery alerts
  • High-sensitivity microphone focuses on baby s sounds, while filtering background, ambient noises

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