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June 17, 2012 – 00:00

auto20120608-105705.jpg "One, two, three, four, five ...... twenty-five!" Mr. Aoki counted all my handwritten postcards, could not resist a cry, Mr. Sakiyama curious came to watch.
"Misaki ...... which is sent to a different person every one of you?poster.JPG Why so many people like to send?" Mr. Sakiyama like to see wonders of the world like, "And every one of the characters are a lot of oh."
I jealously won a thick stack of paper, carefully check is not each have a good shot with a digital camera to the front and back; since lost one in Germany to send the hands with the first digital camera, you develop a This habit, and later in Pakistan has sent a different mailbox thirty-five, and fortunately did this action, some of my friends really did not receive, but also send you a replacement electronic files as souvenir, and I can also save some travel stories record.

From small to large can not afford to stay in bed to get rid of habits, to go out, will automatically forgot at home, not with luggage packaged together on the road, the body self-motivated to get up early, you need to sleep less time, but increasingly spiritual good journey every moment sense of time, so it is mental strength extended indefinitely enlarged; worth so much a record of the details, however, eleven written in portable notepad, I do not know why, but it will become trivial without feeling it.poster2.JPG

I need one tells the object slowly discovered that because there is such a target audience exists, all records gradually became clear coherent and meaningful. A postcard to open a window to listen, most of the time can even reduce baggage weight of both the advantages, compared to those outside the city bearing the name of the final total be discarded useless decorative small souvenirs, one filled with travel record cards and sometimes even more popular.poster3.JPG

Free advertising postcard
Taiwanese company was founded in 1998 Kuka, the city can get them everywhere various free postcard advertising, some people get help but want to stick design collection, some very few, only shelves soon immediately obtain an empty But it is always an endless supply. A small portion of such advertising copywriter upload charming and still retains the simplicity of the others postcards stamps affixed ticket location address write the bottom line, even writing text blank; Yes, you can really use it to write, but the Other cities in the same country there is such a thing.

In addition to free and get convenience, an ad saying the city's famous attractions also able to demonstrate its personality, and even perhaps have also revealed some more; Vienna throughout the various public and private art museum galleries, the ubiquitous occurrence of exhibitions, models paragraph postcards DM allows travelers and residents were able to use the lowest cost sharing art, concerts Prague, Paris sensory feast, Singapore accounted for more than bits of public service ads are wonderful travel stories written postcard slice ...... , filling the eye can see, the skin felt, and thought, just eat unfamiliar foods, new acquaintances, blowing past that gust, weather, taste, emotional, and more and turned it into a unique gift.

I like to write, who likes to collect postcards, but do not want to bother my friends do this, Auntie money, influence mood to travel freely, free advertising postcard is a good choice.


Olympus Olympus VG-160 14MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom (Black)
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I'm just using an Olympus D-380 digital

So there's no film and no lenses for this one. I have to watch the light as this camera loves the light and doesn't do real well with dog faces that are shaded. That is very frustrating. There's no optical zoom (I don't like the quality of the digital zoom) so I really have to get in their faces for closeups. That's okay with me because it's pretty fun to be that close. But I really want one with an 8x or 10x optical zoom so I can get some shots that I am missing now.
I think this camera is fantastic for the money. It cost me about $200 and I think you can get it for less now.

Interview with Jonathan Blaustein of “The Value of a Dollar”  — PetaPixel
Jonathan Blaustein is the photographer behind the project “The Value of a Dollar“, which went viral on the Internet in 2010 and then was subsequently acquired by the State of New Mexico and the Library of Congress. Visit his website here.

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