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July 31, 2013 – 00:00

Wireless radio remote controls, infrared or wire, digital cameras the best brands. They allow you to take pictures with programmed delays, long exposures or continuous shooting time-definite by the user. Online stores where you can buy remote controllers for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and other brands at the best prices. Many cameras offer the ability to take pictures, as well as the button on the camera body, even through an external remote control, wired or wireless. This opens up a whole range of new shooting modes, useful to prevent camera shake for long exposures such as in astronomical photos or macros more thrusts, particularly with wireless remote controls or time, you can shoot from a distance by placing the machine on any support or using a tripod.

These accessories are naturally made and sold by the same manufacturers of cameras. The problem is, if anything, their cost, on the other hand it comes to niche products, intended for experienced users or those with particular needs, so you almost feel justified to propose a piece of plastic with a minimum of electronics at high prices.

Fortunately there is a market of compatible accessories, perfectly functional but at a cost far less than the originals. These can be purchased in stores that specialize in products for photography but also and especially online. In the following list some web shop where you can buy remote controls for cameras at low prices, in some cases, the best in the market.

Start the review by Fasttech , shop in which they are offered great facilities at very attractive prices. Just to name a few, the Digital Timer Remote Shutter Switch for Canon EOS 450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 50D or 5D costs about $ 19 at current exchange rates less than 15 Euros. Similarly there are remote for Nikon cameras or other brands at similar prices, in his catalog also offers flash, softbox speakers and wireless controller. The prices shown are inclusive of postage.

digital timer , i prezzi appaiono leggermente più alti ma anche in questo caso le spese di spedizione verso l'Italia sono gratis. Good choice in shop looking Chinese Focalprice with the words digital timer , the prices are slightly higher but even in this case the shipping costs to Italy are free.

Huge choice of Dinodirect , there is really everything and in many cases shipping is free. To be fair it must be said that not all the prices are cheap, some proposals appear as bargains, others a little 'less.

Great prices and free shipping on Dealextreme . The remote controls are simple, with wire and without LCD display, you can buy for 3-4 Euros.

Passing on the Italian side I recommend that you take a look at Jordan Innovations , has a very good variety and good prices. There are infrared remote controls, wireless, cable and other accessories.

Source: www.ainu.it

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SONY: I saw this nice looking SONY Cyber-shot DSG-T30 digital camera... 7.2MP ($499) or the model lower T9 ... 6MP ($399)
NIKON: CoolPix P4 ... 8.1MP ($399)
CANON: PowerShot SD550 digital elph.... 7.1MP ($399)
I am confused between the above. Price is not too much a concern, my budget is up to $500.
My criteria:
* a camera that give me nice quality pictures in different light settings.
* No blurry pictures.. can't emphasize enough of that!
* supports memory sticks that make taking pictures FAST between pictures.
* Has decent controls.. apert

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