Sony NEX-3N ─ new compact interchangeable lens APS-C digital camera launched in Hong Kong!

August 28, 2013 – 22:32

sony-nex-3n Sony's new NEX-3N Order professional quality images shot at your fingertips

Easy to grasp, easy to operate: lightweight interchangeable lens digital cameras equipped with APS-C 180-degree overturn LCD display

  • High-sensitivity 16.1-megapixel large Exmor ™ APS HD CMOS image sensor, bringing clear and detailed, low-noise photos and Full HD movies
  • Equipped with a 180-degree overturn LCD display and the zoom lever, convenient self-timer photo
  • Lightweight body built-in pop-up flash
  • New automatic scene composition function, easy to shoot beautiful composition

Hong Kong ‧ 2013年3月1日 - Sony today announced the launch of a new digital interchangeable lens camera NEX-3N, compact camera users to enhance their photography experience. Built-in flash of α E-mount camera NEX-3N, slim body, the user can carry it into the exciting world of photography interchangeable lens

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NEX-3N machine body with textured hand position, when the picture is convenient for users to self-hold the camera steady. Clear and bright 3-inch LCD screen can quickly overturn to 180 degrees to meet the arm's length for proper composition More can easily toggle fingertip new camera body to operate the zoom lever compatible lens focal length, such as slim SELP1650 power zoom lens. Even with the use of non-motorized zoom lens, the zoom lever may also adjust the digital zoom, self-timer pictures easily with one

NEX-3N weighs only about 210 grams, is the world's smallest and lightest with a large APS-C image sensor and interchangeable lens digital camera 1, the absorption of light far more than ordinary compact digital camera image sensor device; while large image sensor is also shooting delicate bright eye-catching photos and full HD video of the key. Users can take advantage of a range of E-mount interchangeable lens, easy to create professional-style bokeh effect, comparable to a large, heavy DSLR cameras.

The camera's large image sensor offers the highest sensitivity up to ISO16000. With full-frame camera α99 also uses the BIONZ image processor, with a specified range noise suppression technology, could be different from the image on the screen miscellaneous noise level and degree independently adjust brightness, even in low light conditions the user handheld shooting without using the flash, the image is still clearly detailed and noise is minimal.



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Buying a Digital Camera

Consider the whole:
(1) camera body + lenses + memory + shipping/tax
(2) digital editing software, e.g., Photoshop
(3) computer
(1) camera body + lenses + memory:
(a) entry-level, ~500-1000 USD
(b) pro-sumer, ~1000-2000 USD
(c) pro, ~2000+ USD
Nikon's D60 & D80, Pentax's K200D, as well as Sony's A200 and A300 cameras, are all built around the same 10.2 MP APS-C image sensor.
Right now the Sony A200 is 499; the A300 is 599

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