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Digital Underwater Photography

underwater digital photography is one of the most rewarding activities to participate in the summer. Although it can be considered a hobby more than a sport, you have to swim, snorkel or dive to enjoy the fruits of this activity. Images under the sea was something only seen in geographical or national documentary film, but now with the wide range of underwater cameras and waterproof covers almost anyone can take underwater digital photography.

How digital underwater photography is different from Photography Normal

  • One of the key differences between the two is that the spectrum of light underwater is different from the upland. This makes the need for a flash essential in order to receive color. Although some cameras like the Kodak Playsport come with automatic color adjustments.
  • Besides light has different conditions if you are in fresh water and seawater. At sea backscatter can experience flash reflects off the salt particles that could leave you with a blur. One way to avoid blurred images is to try to get as close to your target as possible. The further away form the subject the greater the volume of salt.
  • Under Water Digital Photography Equipment

    Under water digital photography is now a possibility as a result of the different digital cameras, underwater removal and waterproof cases on the market. You can opt for a new underwater camera, but this can be expensive. If you already have a good digital camera, then you can simply find the test case adequate water to match the make and model of your camera to make sure it is drinking water.

    Covers water proof your Underwater Digital Camera.

    Popular Waterproof case comes in almost every brand cameras making it easier to take their cameras underwater when you go diving or snorkeling or just hang out at the pool. Prices vary depending on the make and model of your camera. For example, this Canon WP-DC14 Waterproof Case for Canon SD750 Digital Camera Security Camera keeps water particles and sand. This is also a great investment that is taking a day at the beach. Sand particles can damage the camera. Best to keep it protected. A case like this would cost $ 99.99.

    If you have a compact digital camera like the Panasonic T3 and T5, then you can also find cases similar waterproof $ 32.17 (as advertised

    underwater digital camera

    They are a lot if you want to experiment with underwater photography, rapid easy and cheap. Disposable cameras cost about $ 7.53 for each house or you can find a pack of four cameras for $ 29.95.

    digital cameras waterproof

    The Kodak Playsport is one of the most popular underwater cameras is also ideal for photos of sports like cycling or gold. Currently priced at $ 129.


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    A really crappy obsolete camera called

    A Sea & Sea DX3100. They don't make them anymore and for good reason. You have no idea how many shots I took and those were the only ones which turned out. The thing has NO memory, so you have to upload after every dive, and the flash only works half the time, the macro setting doesn't work at ALL.
    I'm saving up for a new digital camera to use underwater, but they're not cheap. Camera= $1k, underwater housing=$1K. Ugh. I have the most expensive hobbies.

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    Bell+Howell Bell+Howell Splash WP7 12 MP Waterproof Digital Camera Blue
    Photography (Bell+Howell)
    • Waterproof up to 10 feet
    • 12 Mega Pixel Maximum Resolution
    • 5 Mega Pixel CMOS Sensor; 8x Digital Zoom
    • Uses MicroSD Memory Cards up to 16GB (not included)
    • Uses 2 Batteries (Included)
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    Sakar International Spongebob Squarepants Underwater Digital Camera
    Photography (Sakar International)
    • Use in or out of the water
    • Case is waterproof up to 30 Feet
    • Takes up to 152 Digital Photos
    • USB Cable for Quick and Easy Download & Snap Shot Software

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    • Avatar How's My Hair? What is the best waterproof digital camera currently on the market?
      Jun 28, 2008 by How's My Hair? | Posted in Cameras

      I'm a little skeptical on what I should get. Whenever I plan on buying a digital camera all I look for is reviews reviews reviews.

      Any suggestions on what I should get? I was thinking on the Olympus Stylus 1 …s durable, but then again I'm skeptical.

      Btw I'm going to be using this camera for underwater picture taking only, I already have an SLR and a normal point and shoot for regular shots.

      Thanks :]

      • Ah, best P&S underwater camera ... yes the Olympus is one of the better P&S underwater camera.

        Scientists use underwater housing that can cost nearly double the cost of the camera inside ... usually a nice $2,000 to $10,000 camera.

    • Avatar Crissy What is the best underwater digital camera?
      Aug 24, 2010 by Crissy | Posted in Cameras

      I am looking for an everyday point and shoot digital camera that can fit in my pocket and withstand some water. Olympus Stylus Tough series seems great except all reviews say photos are not sharp and are too soft. Canon D10 says photo quality is great but camera is big and ugly. Any first hand suggestions? I would like to keep the price under $300. I am currently using a Canon G9 as my daily camera but want something smaller.

      • If you read the conclusion of a group test here, it says that it recommends the Canon D10 and Panasonic TS1 over the others: Pentax W60 happens to be the runner-up, and it should be considered as well if you prefer looks over function.

        Have fun and good luck!