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August 28, 2013 – 22:30

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Not that I'm looking for a new camera because my Nikon D60, although slightly outdated, yet be perfect for my needs, I decided to do some research on current devices to start in the photo.

I would not pretend to make a comparison of high-end devices, because I've never tested but the entry level I still managed.

What are the characteristics of a good SLR to start?

Number of pixels?

It's always great pub manufacturers. Personally I do not even look! Today is mini 12 Megapixels!

Knowing with 3 Megapixels can already do without a problem A4 enlargement ... no need to go in the race to the pixels for a beginner.


It is very important to increase the sensitivity allows for faster speeds, so to take pictures without flash in a dark environment.

However, the integrated flash on a DSLR is, most of the time permitted!

In the dark, ISO 1600 is a minimum, if your device up to 6400 or more without too much noise (picketing of the photo), this is a definite plus!

Sensor size?

You can not play it much as entry level, it is always (or almost?) Of 4/3 sensors. Just be aware that a small sensor 4/3, in comparison with a large sensor 1 on the silver, will give the effect of "zoom". This means that if you use a 35mm lens you had on your silver on the dial it will have the effect of a 50mm.


The LiveView is the opportunity to take a picture without looking through the viewfinder shooting get the rear screen.

For users of compact, it seems essential ... but an SLR camera is heavier and not to move it is better to take the picture in the viewfinder!

By cons in some cases: laying the camera on a tripod, for example, is a little more.

Video mode?

It is not the interest of a reflex ... but to make a device memories of all types, this can be a plus.

The new devices include the almost systematically.

Other important points?

I would also note the following points, even if they are apparently not a priority because rarely specified in the product description:

- Adjustable screen: it's rare that there is a ... and yet ... I think it's extremely important to take pictures in difficult angles diving, against diving, etc ...

- Bulb Mode: This is the ability to choose the time of installation you want: as you press, the camera takes the photo. It is never specified in the descriptions, so check that there is, because it is essential for long exposures (otherwise it should be limited to 30 seconds.)

So what? I choose it?

What brands?

I would suggest to focus on Reflex Canon or Nikon because they are the most recognized brands and is therefore more easily compatible hardware.

But this is only the first review, because I do not doubt that there is excellent reflex also from other manufacturers: Pentax, Sony ...


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