CES2011 soon, manufacturers have advance broke 2 (Olympus XZ-1, Sony speed DC, Fujifilm X100, Samsung portrait lens 85mm f/1.4 NX)

December 30, 2010 – 00:00

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Yesterday has been reported before,was scheduled to be held in March next year PMA2011 (International Imaging Exhibition) postponed to be held in September,so the manufacturers have to advance in each of the product in time for the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 Consumer Electronics Exhibition,seeing CSS2011 held soon,rumored Olympus,Sony,Panasonic will launch new digital products in the exhibition on debut.

Olympus released a large aperture portable camera XZ-1

In the upcoming CES 2011,and in addition to the Olympus E-PL2,it will also release a new flagship model portable digital camera XZ-1.XZ-1 will be equipped with the same LX5 10 million pixel sensor , 28-112mm (35mm equivalent focal length) f/1.8-2.5 lens,3 "OLED display.

XZ-1 shape and Panasonic LX5 and Samsung TL500 is very similar,the biggest selling point is sinking large aperture lens. In fact,at this year's Photokina Olympus has been demonstrated XZ-1 prototype,the prototype is not the final product with too many changes.


Sony released the focusing speed level SLR digital camera portability

According SonyAlphaRumors reported in the upcoming CES 2011 on,Sony will release a variety of portable digital camera (non-Alpha non-NEX).These new products will have Sony in 2010 launched a new feature: Slide Panorama mode,3D,AVCHD format video.In addition,new digital cameras will bring two new features:

1 can shoot 1080p 60FPS AVCHD Full HD video
2 Panasonic GH2 with the same high speed AF system,focusing speeds up to 0.1s

Allegedly these two new features will appear in future on the NEX-7 and A77.


Fujifilm X100 debut

The much-anticipated Fujifilm X100 will also participate in CES2011,With retro styling,Hybrid Viewfinder (OVF + EVF) this new technology and excellent performance are so many photography friends mad.


Samsung's new portrait lens 85mm f/1.4 NX

Samsung yesterday released a new single-camera NX11,according DSLRMagazine reported,while there was also a 85mm f/1.4 NX portrait lens.This is a single-camera for NX 85mm lens,lens body printed with P (meaning portraits or top) and i-Fun logo.More details:
1 has a low-dispersion lenses
(2) Filter Size 67mm
3 has a focus distance indicator window
4 has a focus ring and i-Funtion ring
5 using SSA motor

Source: www.ecpz.net

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  • Avatar There'sASpiderOnYourFace How do I know if external flash is compatible with my DSLR?
    Apr 16, 2013 by There'sASpiderOnYourFace | Posted in Photography

    I have an Olympus E420 DSLR camera 10mp. Quite old, bought it in 2011.

    I want to get a bounce head flash for it. I'm new to using accessories like this with my camera, but when I get really close to my subje …ly sure its what I need before I buy it.


    Thanks in advance for any answers.

    • Good question. It says it's compatible with olympus and 2011 isn't too old. I would assume it will be fine, your camera has a shoe mount on the top and that is what your flash needs.