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August 14, 2009 – 00:00

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Re: Leica CM: "EI Shut01"

as far as I know - unfortunately the latter. Here the response of the Solmser customer service on the description exactly the same problem:

"Dear Mr.

Thank you for your inquiry. This is clearly an error message on the camera's shutter. It forms on gradually and finally it blocks the camera function.
We regret to inform you that we have for the Leica CM no spare parts available and thus can not perform repairs. We regret this situation very much. However, you are welcome to send us the camera and we will make an offer to exchange your camera to a digital model. Unfortunately, an analog compact camera is not for us to exchange more available.
We regret that we can not provide any positive message.

Sincerely / kind regards
Andrea Frankl
Leica Camera AG
Customer Service "

If I see that, I have to buy something smooth again.

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Should I buy a refurbished digital camera?

I noticed I can buy a refurb Canon Digital Rebel with lens for about $500 plus shipping from online vendors with 90-day warranty. Has anybody had experience with buying a refurb digital SLR? There are a lot of moving parts and electronics, so I'm wondering if a refurb is OK.
On eBay and CL, people sell this same camera kit used for about $600.
The 6mp Rebel is a discontinued item, and I haven't seen any closeouts. I guess they're all gone.

Canon S120 Preview  — imaging resource
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  • Avatar Mark What is the difference between US and Australian version of canon 400D camera?
    Jan 13, 2008 by Mark | Posted in Cameras

    I was thinking about buying Canon 400D(Rebel XTi) from US.can anybody please tell me the difference between these two different versions of cameras?do they use same battery?do i have to but new charger/battery in Australia?

    • To combat the "gray market" Canon names their cameras for sale in different geographic areas.

      Canon EOS 400D - Europe, Asia, Elsewhere

      Canon Digital Rebel XTi - North America
      …verage for the camera. The Canon Authorized Service centers will not work on this "gray market" camera even if you offer to pay. Need service? Send it back to the USA.

      Its your decision to make.

  • Avatar thaigoddess1 Any advice for amateur photographer looking to go pro?
    Nov 06, 2006 by thaigoddess1 | Posted in Photography

    Currently I'm just an amateur photographer with a passion for photography. I always have a camera with me and taking pictures where ever I go. I'm now looking into pointing my career goals into being a professional pho …orking with?

    Where do I start in creating a portfolio?

    Right now I'm focusing more on studio and portrait type photography. Any general photography advice would also be greatly appreciated! : )

    • Studio and portrait work, if that is indeed what you want to do, is usually done with a medium format camera.

      If you're going to get the Canon SLR, that's more along the lines of wedding, photojournalism, news.

  • Avatar pinkie How can I fix my digital camera. The shutter won't go back in.?
    Apr 16, 2006 by pinkie | Posted in Cameras

    I have canon powershot sd450. It's brand new I dropped on the carpet and now it's broken

    • It may not be the problem, but my battery died one time when the camera was trying to turn off, just put in new batteries and it will go in.

      if that isnt the problem, you should have a warranty if it's brand new. just talk to the store or the company if you dont know anything about that. you probably have a year warranty that you can mail it to the company. it should be no problem.