Diving reality show star was playing Han Geng training underwater heartbeat syncope 10 seconds - Media

August 28, 2013 – 22:31

There Han Geng aerial dance skills playing skills.

Actress Aya Hotshot.

Reporters learned that Jiangsu Satellite TV launch star diving athletics program "Star diving Cube" 10:00 tonight will meet with the audience,Han Geng,Rain Li,Wang Likun,Hao Shao Wen,Bei jing,Xiao Jian,gold fish,Ajaccio 8 star started " head shot "campaign first round knockout,there will be two stars in the brutal competition is eliminated.Star diving,only not just for fun,but also play a professional Fan children,Han Geng even once during training syncope!

30 number of stars on "jump" out of every two people were

Jiangsu TV's "Star diving Cube" has more than 30 stars to join.After a period of rigorous training,and now the star to be unveiled diving scores!

It is reported that "Star diving Cube" held first four playoff games,each with their own coach with two players game,the rest of the coaches and another three international professional referees for the star scoring the lowest score per game two stars will will be brutally eliminated.

In order to allow the audience to miss every wonderful moment,recording live cameras set up more than 30 bits,the stars of each action will be the camera to capture. Program group was placed above the pool is still flying cat cable carrier system camera,camera preset any mobile three-dimensional space,hovering flight,providing non-ordinary visual effects.Underwater,underwater world,the only one high-speed camera is hidden in the bottom water cube,do not miss star underwater moments.

Tonight on "Star diving Cube" in the first duel is highly sensitive and Xiong Ni led team,high sensitivity players are: Han Geng,gold fish,Xiao Jian and Wang Likun; Xiong Ni players is shabaoliang,Ya Hao Shao Wen Rain Li.Considerable strength teams look to carve in the race for two halves duel.

Glass slide exercises

Han Geng is very dangerous water syncope 10 seconds

Han was among the first to join the "Star diving Cube" star,has a profound dance skills,he was one of the players we expect the highest.In the program,he showed a high level,it is surprising.In fact,it's hard training and his inseparable.

Source: media.people.com.cn

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