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August 28, 2013 – 22:32



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Olympus Imaging Corporation on May 10 announced that it will begin selling in late June Micro 4/3 System interchangeable lens type digital camera "OLYMPUS PEN" series of two new products.

Where, "OLYMPUS PEN E-P5" is the July 2011 high-end products listed "OLYMPUS PEN E-P3" the successor model, the photosensitive element with 4/3 size Live MOS sensor Effective pixels 16, 050, 000 pixels. Quality and March 2012 listing the most high-end models "OM-D E-M5" the same. Maximum continuous shooting speed of 9 frames per second. Previously, only with high-end digital SLR camera was equipped with 1/8000 sec shutter speed. In the bright sunlight when shooting outdoors, you can also open the aperture to shoot shallow depth, bokeh photos.

"E-P5 14-42mm Lens Kit" silver money.

Fitted with a lens kit with electronic viewfinder "VF-4". Pixels 2.36 million pixels, 100% field of view, magnification 1.48 times (0.74 times at 35mm conversion), with the digital SLR camera quite. Fuselage upper right corner of the red button for the video button, and switch knob function "Fn lever" blend.

E-P5 has built-in WiFi capabilities, you can shoot photos to smart phones or smart phones will be built-in GPS location information to the camera, the camera image files to add location information (geotagging). You can also use smart phones instead of the remote control, remote control shutter.

Before and after the camera is equipped with two handling knob, the knob functions via "Fn lever" to switch. Fn lever point "1" on "Exposure Compensation" and "aperture and shutter speed settings" feature, point to "2" to turn "ISO sensitivity setting" and "white balance setting" function. It also reinforces the shake compensation function, with a "5-axis hand-shake compensation mechanism", but also compensate for rotational camera shake.

"E-PL6 Lens Kit, " the red section

Source: finance.people.com.cn

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  • Avatar Jared How good is this GE camera?
    Oct 05, 2011 by Jared | Posted in Camcorders

    Camera: GE X500

    -16MP UltraZoom Digital Camera
    -15X Optical Zoom
    -4.9-73.5mm f3.0 Wide Angle Lens
    -2.7" LCD w/ Viewfinder

    -I would like to use it for indoor and outdoor photos.
    -Plus I would like to do videos with it.

    • Ou can read some reviews here.

  • Avatar BlueWhale Which camera is better?
    Dec 19, 2012 by BlueWhale | Posted in Cameras

    Which one would take the best photos but also why is it better than others. Thanks :)

    http://ww …al-camera-black-12246936-pdt.html



    • For a start, GE are rubbish. Avoid GE, Benq, Vivitar and Kodak cameras.

      The second one is the best of that bunch, but the Fujifilm F660EXR would be better than any of them:

  • Avatar Lucy I want to know whether getting a Digital Bridge Camera is a good choice?
    Jan 22, 2012 by Lucy | Posted in Cameras

    I'm an 18 year old girl that really loves taking photos, however, I don't want to spend absolutely loads on a SLR nikon or canon etc. I've found this camera called 'GE HZ1500 16MP', you can get it from argos etc and it has fairly good reviews, but its 16 megapixels and I feel that for my age and for the time of my life this might be the right choice. Could someone help or give me some advice on whether or not this is a good decision? Thank you :)

    • Bridge cameras were good until mirror-less came out. Get a mirror-less, they are cheap, lightweight and have dSLR sized sensors. The cheapest mirror-less camera I know of is Olympus E-PL1. Which is an absolutely great camera for it's price.